Babies Ain’t Free

Your beautiful little baby started costing you some serious money from the moment of conception. You had to buy a stick to pee on, pay all the co-pays for your doctors appointments, and buy ugly and ill fitting clothing to fit your ever-expanding body. Let’s not even talk about how much it costs just to push that beautiful little human out of your no-no biscuit OR to have doctors surgically remove the child (which costs even more)! Then you’ve got clothes, random accessories, toys (make sure you get the right toy so Judy McPerfect-Mom from playgroup doesn’t judge you!), daycare, food, diapers, pediatrician co-pays, saving for college….should I go on? Or has enough sweat dripped down your face and onto the floor, creating a hazard for you toddler to slip on and bash their head? (Can’t forget ER bills!) The point is, kids are expensive and most of the general population does not have endless funds to support their money-burning ways. We love these little chaos demons angels, though, and we want to give them all they need while staying afloat.


Due to some misguided financial decisions in our past (like taking out way too many student loans at should-be-illegal interest rates) and a surprise baby born two years before our bank accounts were ready, we’ve gotten creative. Capitalism has shoved so much in our faces in terms of everything you just have to buy or else you’re a terrible parents. False, my friends. Let me help you by sharing some of the creative, and downright efficient, ideas I’ve developed that way you can spend more time with your chaos demons and less time worrying about money.